We offer 3 paid plans and a free plan.

Functionality / Plan FREE Domain 10 Domain 100 Enterprise
Block visitors by country/region X X X X
IP geolocation lookup X X X X
Multiply lP databases X X X X
IPv4 / IPv6 X X X X
Database updated daily X X X X
Proxy sewer databases X X X
Uptime 99.95% 99.95% 99.995%
Limit number of queries 100 per hour 10 000 monthly 100 000 monthly 1 000 000 monthly
Cost FREE 20 USD / month 100 USD / month 500 USD / month



  • Block visitors by country/region – you can easly manage access to your servuces using our graphic interface.
  • IP geolocation lookup – our geo-blocking service bases on the most accurate industry-leading IP intelligence data updated daily.
  • IPv4 / IPv6 – our service works with both IPv4 and IPv6 public addresses.
  • Proxy server databases – our service uses the best proxy servers database available on the market.
  • Multiply IP databases – our data is aggregated from multiple sources and updated daily.
  • Updated daily – all database are frequently update to keep up to date data.
  • 99.995% up time – our auto-scaling servers handle almost a billion API queries per month.
  • Unlimited queries – we guarantee that our service will never stop due to reaching a query limit.
  • IP geolocation API – we provide also API to acess geolocation data.

Service guarantee:

You can feel safe with our geo-blocking service, regardless of whether you are enterprise client or a small e-business owner. We guarantee that our service will never stop due to reaching a query limit, and we guarantee 99.995% up time on our servers.


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