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Verify if users are allowed to access your site With one-click you can instantly allow or deny access from any country based on a user’s IP address. Our geo-blocking service bases on the most accurate industry-leading IP intelligence data updated daily.

Instant Geoblocking

With our out of the box solution you can instantly control your web traffic. Easy to integrate with any eCommerce and website. You can manage your traffic easily in real-time with a graphic interface.

Fully protected

Our most accurate industry-leading IP and proxy server intelligence data are updated daily. We use multiple industry-leading databases that combined are more accurate than other solutions.

Save money

Commercial databases we use costs thousends of dollars every month. To unkeep and update them is a costly and complex process. You can have it all at a friction of the cost. Save your money and your time!

 Core features:

Core features:

  • Block visitors by country/region
  • IP geolocation lookup
  • IPv4 / IPv6
  • Proxy server databases
  • Multiply IP databases
  • Updated daily
  • 99.995% up time
  • IP geolocation API
  • Fraud detection
  • Verify if users are allowed to access your site.